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Molli Nicole Photo Album

Our Little Miracle

Our new baby is finally here! We're going to use this site to share the experience with everyone, including the preparations we made before the arrival, how the birth went, and how things have been going since. Don't worry, there will be lots of pictures!

On this home page, we'll put some of my favorite pictures and give some general information about how we're all doing. If we're brave, we might try to describe the unbelievable feeling we had first holding our child. Or, we might talk a little about what kind of kid he seems to be: quiet or noisy, curious or thoughtful. It's amazing how quickly babies take on a personality!

Vital Statistics

Date of Birth:  September 5th 2002
Time of Birth:  12:07 am.
Weight and Length: 2lbs & 14 3/4 oz.  16 1/2 in.

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