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Molli Nicole
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Our little Miracle

     This is the story of our little miracle. Early on in our pregnancy we found out that Mindi has an Autoimmune disorder called Anti-Phospholipid Syndrome. Due to this disorder Mindi has to give herself a shot each day in her stomach until six weeks after the child is born.

     Just before 26 weeks of the pregnancy Mindi was feeling ill and things just didnt feel right, so she called her doctor. The nurses told her to just come in to the office and they would checker her out. During the exam the mid-wife was kicked by the baby and jumped back about six feet. She ran out of the room to get the doctor. The doctor told Mindi that she would have to be in the hospital, on bed rest, until she has the child.

     After the first day in the hospital Mindi had a sonogram done to see how the baby was doing. In the sonogram they were able to point out that she was dilated to 3.75 cm. They were also able to show that the kids foot was actually outside of the cervix. Due to that sonogram they made Mindi lay down in an inverted position with her head lower than her feet. Mindi has been a real champ thorough out this whole experience.

     At 27 weeks and 6 days Mindis water broke and she started to have contractions. At 12:07 am the next day Molli was born. Molli was breathing room oxygen when she was born. While we were in Labor and Delivery we could hear Molli cry, (that was one of the most joyfull sounds that I have ever heard.) After 3 Days in the NICU Molli was breathing with no help and doing fine.

     Here are some pictures from our experience. We hope to keep adding pictures as we get them.

Vital Statistics

Date of Birth:  September 5th 2002
Time of Birth:  12:07 am.
Weight and Length: 2lbs & 14 3/4 oz.  16 1/2 in.



Molli at 6 Months

Molli at Easter